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Short Title : Diario de una Revolucion - Alberto Korda (Book)
Description : This book is for sale.
This is a very special book because it was personally signed for me by Alberto Korda the photographer who took the world famous photograph of Che Guevara. Korda's real name was Alberto Diaz Gutierrez but the world knew him as Korda.
He later became Fidel Castro's personal photographer.
I was on assignment in Cuba in 1998 when the book was signed for me. The inscription reads "A Robert Wilson con saludos de Cuba". Alberto Korda 98 "To Robert Wilson with greetings from Cuba"
Sadly he died some three years later.
New photographic equipment forces this sale and I hope Alberto would have approved.
Please email me if you would like any more information on the book - it is in excellent condition.
The written text is in both Spanish and English.
I am looking for 5,000.00 or very nearest offer. Please click on the book for a view of the signed page.
This book would make a great Christmas present.
Keywords : book, photographic book, diario de una revolucion, signed book, signed by alberto korda, alberto korda, fidel castro, che guevara, for sale, unique, good condition, christmas present
Code : BOOK-01
Format : 35mm

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Short Title : Reflection, Shell Island Beach
Description : A black and white, hand-held, pinhole camera photograph of the sun reflecting off Shell Island Beach near Lendalfoot, Scotland. The photograph was taken on film, not digital This photograph is available as a hand printed black and white photographic print 35.9 x 28.8 inches (91.4 x 73.4 cm). I will deliver the print personally anywhere in the world and pay for the framing. I will sign the mount for the photograph. (It will also be signed on the verso). Only three prints will ever exist. The cost per print will be 499,000.00 (pounds sterling) which is $720.506.10 (US dollars). Please contact me by telephone or email.
Keywords : shell island, beach reflection, wet sand, ripples, sunset, dancing light, hand held camera, pinhole camera, long exposure, black and white photograph, vertical, chritmas present, collectable, fine art photograph, rare
Code : SIL-04
Format : 6 x 9cm

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